The Pre-Workshop Learning video courses are an important aspect of the overall U.S. Department of Energy grant project that NFPA was awarded. Along with developing the workshop materials, NFPA was tasked with creating video courses about preparing communities for electric vehicles geared toward various industry professionals. These videos will serve as a part of this project, but they will be available in the future via NFPA for people to watch and learn about community electrification from the perspective of their industry.

These industries include first-responders, insurance adjusters, automotive dealerships, local government officials, and more. The video courses will give a brief overview of the basics of electric vehicles and EV charging along with information about how a specific industry can prepare for and contribute to current and future electrification projects.

How will these courses be used for the NFPA Ready for EVs workshop series?

Coalitions will be asked to encourage all workshop attendees to complete the Pre-Workshop Learning course of their choice before the start of their local workshop. Ideally, attendees should view the course either directed at their industry or the course that is the closest match.

Attendees and Coalition representatives can view the Pre-Workshop Learning courses at