Your workshop should be open to any and all community members, regardless of the industry they are in, who are interested in furthering electrification in that specific community.

Note: You will want to invite people who have an interest in the specific community for which the workshop is being held. Do not invite attendees that are not interested in that specific community as they will not be able to contribute as much during the workshop. The idea of these workshops is that they can be repeated in communities all over your state but that the focus remains on what local people can do for an area.

Examples of who to invite:

  • Community members
  • Local vehicle dealerships
  • Local business owners
  • Local EV owners/enthusiasts
  • Public planning/code officials
  • Charging station installers
  • Public transportation officials
  • Local government officials
  • Second-responders (insurance adjusters, tow-truck companies, etc.)
  • Community groups with a focus on environmental and energy justice
  • Etc.