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Are you a workshop organizer or facilitator?

Resources for Ready for EVs Workshops

One-Page Workshop Explainer PDF2022-06-15T17:02:15-04:00

Download the flyer: NFPA Workshop One Pager

Workshop Materials Definitions & Acronyms2022-05-25T12:14:28-04:00

Check out the list below for definitions and acronyms used in the NFPA ‘Ready for EVs’ Workshop Materials:

  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
  • VILT – Virtual Instructor Lead Training
  • CCC Facilitator – Clean Cities Coalition host for the workshop
  • NFPA Facilitator- Subject Matter Expert from NFPA that attends workshop
  • SME – Subject Matter Expert
Ready for EVs Training Guide2022-05-25T12:18:00-04:00

Download the Training Guide: NFPA_EV_TrainerGuide_Final

Will we be reimbursed for promotional efforts?2022-05-18T13:57:49-04:00

Yes! If a Coalition chooses to do its own digital or otherwise paid media outreach, it can be reimbursed for up to $600 of that outreach from NFPA as included in the project budget. This is on top of the $1,000 stipend and will not affect your ability to get the full $1,000.

How do I get reimbursed? 

If a Coalition chooses to spend the money themselves for paid promotion, they will need to bill for that promotion after the workshop is held to East TN Clean Fuels. ETCF will then bill NFPA and receive the funds to reimburse each individual Coalition up to $600.

This funding for paid promotion was built into the project as a way to allow Coalitions the opportunity to reach a wider audience when promoting their workshop.

If a Coalition chooses the option of letting ETCF handle their paid promotion, no billing will be needed for reimbursement because ETCF will handle the bill.

Any further questions about the paid promotion can be directed towards Ainsley Kelso,

Download the Directory of Attendees Sheet2022-05-17T17:08:43-04:00

During the workshop, Coalitions will need to encourage attendees to fill out a “Directory of Attendees” shared spreadsheet. This will be a way to document attendees’ participation in the workshop and share it after the workshop with everyone. This workshop is also a networking opportunity for attendees to meet others in their community interested in pursuing electrification and tackling some of the challenges facing the transition to EVs in their area.

Here is a link to a Google Sheet template that can be used as your Directory of Attendees.

Directory of Attendees Google Sheet

Note: Please ‘Make a Copy’ of the Google Sheet template to create your own document. Do not edit the original sheet.

Download Workshop Graphics2022-05-17T15:20:40-04:00

More graphics are to come as the project continues! Check back for more. (Most recent update: May 17, 2022)

Download #1

Download #2

Download #3

Download #4

Who will set up the Zoom for the workshops?2022-05-17T14:12:35-04:00

Workshops will be set up by the NFPA team using the information provided to them by East TN Clean Fuels after the event is added to the registration page.

The Zoom will be held using NFPA’s business profile and will be controlled by NFPA unless otherwise requested by the Coalition on the day of the workshop. We recommend Coalitions request “Host” privileges during the workshop in order to control slideshows and other multimedia activities.

The Zoom link for the event will be provided to the hosting Coalition along with the attendees of the workshop.

Download the Project Logos2022-05-17T14:03:25-04:00

Download the project logos here to include in your own emails and marketing materials. Please do not alter the logo in any way.

NFPA Electric Vehicle Community Preparedness White Logo: Download

NFPA Electric Vehicle Community Preparedness Red Logo: Download

National Fire Protection Association logo

NFPA Logo: Download

What is this project?2022-05-17T14:07:26-04:00

This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in order to help various communities prepare for the transition to electric vehicles.

There are multiple elements to this project including both the workshop portion will take place from mid-2022 through the end of 2023 and a video production portion. The videos for this project will serve as the “Pre-Workshop Learning” courses and will later serve as a resource for various industries to learn and prepare for electrification.

To learn more about the project, contact NFPA Emerging Issues Program Manager Mike Gorin at

Do these workshops have to be virtual?2022-05-17T14:09:12-04:00

Yes, as of May 2022, all of the workshops held for the duration of this project have to be held using a virtual format. This decision was made at the onset of this project in 2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic was still a major issue. If changes are made and workshops are allowed to be held in person, we will contact all participating Coalitions with that update.

What is required post-workshop for Coalitions?2022-05-17T14:18:30-04:00

After a Coalition hosts its workshop, there are a few things the East TN Clean Fuels and NFPA teams will need before the project is completed.

  1. Signed contract to ETCF to receive a $1,000 stipend for project participation
  2. Feedback on the workshop process, materials, marketing, etc.
  3. Short write-up about your Coalition’s workshop and experience for

You will be contacted after your workshop with details about all of these materials!

What will attendees take away from these workshops?2022-05-17T14:21:46-04:00

Attendees should leave your Coalition’s workshop with several takeaways, including a better understanding of electrification and how the current and future landscape will play a part in their community.

Other takeaways include:

  • A directory of attendees (spreadsheet) including names, organizations, emails, and phone numbers
    • Note: Download the spreadsheet from the Resources page
  • Connections with local officials and important offices that can aid in the transition to EVs
  • A digital workbook from the session including information covered during the presentation and spaces for individual notes and action items
  • An understanding of available resources and funding on the federal, state and local level
  • A connection to your Clean Cities Coalition for any future projects
What are the benefits of attending a workshop?2022-05-17T14:24:03-04:00

Attendees will receive multiple benefits for attending a Ready for EVs workshop including the physical takeaways from the event.

These benefits can include:

  • The ability to dispel common electric vehicle myths
  • Becoming aware of the barriers and challenges to EV adoption in their own community
  • Understanding what electric vehicles are and how they impact communities
  • Discussing various kinds of electrified transportation methods (i.e. public transportation)
  • Learning about electric vehicle charging options
  • Understanding various fears and anxieties associated with the transition to EVs
  • Meeting your local or state Clean Cities Coalition and understanding their role in the transition to electric vehicles
How long will the workshops be?2022-05-17T14:26:25-04:00

Workshops are estimated to take around 4 hours each. It is recommended that Coalitions host their workshop either starting in the morning before lunch or in the afternoon after lunch. There is no scheduled “lunch break” in the workshop to avoid people leaving and not returning, but there are several mini-breaks scheduled throughout.

Will my Coalition need to fill in any blanks?2022-05-17T14:33:20-04:00

There are a handful of places in the Facilitator’s Guide that allow for flexibility and details meant to be filled in by each Coalition based on their specific needs.

For example:

  • There will be places in the slideshow for you to add your contact information.
  • There will be a need for you to review funding opportunities relevant to that community for them to create a plan during the workshop

Check for “Presentation Preparation” sections in the Section Overviews in the Facilitator’s Guide.

Who should I invite to attend my workshop?2022-05-17T14:39:44-04:00

Your workshop should be open to any and all community members, regardless of the industry they are in, who are interested in furthering electrification in that specific community.

Note: You will want to invite people who have an interest in the specific community for which the workshop is being held. Do not invite attendees that are not interested in that specific community as they will not be able to contribute as much during the workshop. The idea of these workshops is that they can be repeated in communities all over your state but that the focus remains on what local people can do for an area.

Examples of who to invite:

  • Community members
  • Local vehicle dealerships
  • Local business owners
  • Local EV owners/enthusiasts
  • Public planning/code officials
  • Charging station installers
  • Public transportation officials
  • Local government officials
  • Second-responders (insurance adjusters, tow-truck companies, etc.)
  • Community groups with a focus on environmental and energy justice
  • Etc.



What defines a ‘community’ for hosting a workshop?2022-05-17T14:43:15-04:00

“Communities are made of up organizations and individuals who take on the many tasks of envisioning, building, and maintaining a place for many people to live, work, and flourish together. Our workshops are open to community leaders of many types!” -From

A ‘community’ as defined for this workshop series does not have to be one specific geographic location. However, if you choose one city, town, or county to focus on, that is often the easiest route to take.

A community can also be a portion of a city or county, such as “South Knoxville” or can be a segment of the population depending on the size of the community, such as “New York City taxi services.”

If you have questions about your chosen community, please reach out to your Lead Coalition or the team at East TN Clean Fuels.

How do I choose a community for my workshop?2022-05-17T14:54:47-04:00

Choosing a community to host your workshop for is easy! (Review what defines a community on the Resources page.)

Consider a few things when choosing a community to host your workshop for:

  • Consider what communities your Coalition is already working in
  • Consider what communities your Coalition has not done much work in before
  • Consider if you have any contacts in that community already or if you will be starting fresh
  • Is the community disproportionately affected by air pollution or other has other environmental and energy justice needs?
  • Is this a rural, suburban, or urban community?
    • Keep in mind the feelings towards EVs and electrification in general in that area. Is the community going to be upset by this workshop? Are you willing to deal with any backlash or negative feedback at this time?

Feel free to reach out to your Lead Coalition or East TN Clean Fuels with any questions about choosing a community.

When should I host my workshop?2022-05-17T15:05:17-04:00

For this project, NFPA and the lead Clean Cities Coalitions need to host 30 workshops by the end of 2023. Ideally, we plan to have hosted at least 15 workshops by the end of 2022.

Consider what projects and other activities your Coalition have going on throughout 2022 and 2023 when considering a timeline for hosting your workshop. The Facilitator for the workshop will need to have time to attend a ‘Train the Facilitator’ session, market the event, invite attendees, and host the 4-hour workshop along with completing any follow-up feedback.

We will be periodically sending out Doodle Polls to get a feel for when Coalitions are interested in hosting their workshop. Please do not reply to these polls if you have already responded, already hosting your workshop, or already have a workshop date on the registration event calendar.

How will event registration be handled?2022-05-17T13:47:40-04:00

Event registration will be hosted on on the “Find a Workshop” page.

Coalitions will send potential workshop participants to the website to learn more about the project as well as sign-up for their local, virtual event.

The East TN Clean Fuels team will be in charge of adding workshops to the Events page. Please contact Ainsley Kelso,, with any questions or changes needed to your event registration.

What does a ‘Ready for EVs’ workshop look like?2022-05-05T21:00:52-04:00

On behalf of NFPA, East TN Clean Fuels, Virginia Clean Cities, and Central Florida Clean Cities, we want to thank your Clean Cities Coalition for wanting to host a ‘Ready for EVs’ workshop in your area! These virtual workshops will be a fantastic opportunity to bring a community with shared interests together to formulate an electrification plan for their community and discuss overcoming barriers to electrification.

A ‘Ready for EVs’ Workshop should look like this…

  • Virtual group of people from a community with shared interests
  • A facilitator from the Clean Cities Coalition
  • One Subject Matter Expert (SME) from NFPA

NFPA will be setting up the Zoom rooms for all of the workshops. The link will be shared with your Coalition closer to the date of your workshop as well as with your workshop attendees.

The facilitator from the hosting Clean Cities Coalition will follow a “Facilitator’s Guide” throughout the workshop and the information will be aided by a slideshow presentation (provided by NFPA with the ability to edit).

Workshop attendees will follow along during the session in a “Participant’s Guide” that they can either print off or type in on their own devices. Coalitions will need to encourage all participants to utilize the guide during the session in order for them to get everything they can from the session.

The workshop will last approximately four hours with short breaks scheduled throughout. There is not a long break scheduled for lunch, so please consider that when deciding on what time to host your workshop. We do not recommend breaking for lunch during your workshop as people tend to not return after a long break.

Expectations for Coalitions:

  • Attempt to have at least 50 participants at the workshop
  • Promote your workshop in the weeks leading up to it
  • Facilitate the approximately four-hour workshop the day of
  • Respond to the request for feedback following the workshop
  • Ask for help from your Lead Coalition, ETCF, or NFPA when needed
  • Read through the Resources page and other provided materials
  • Attend one “Train the Facilitator” session before your workshop
How much will each Coalition receive for paid outreach?2022-05-05T15:22:35-04:00

Each Coalition has $600 set aside from the project to utilize for paid promotional and outreach efforts. This $600 should help contribute to getting people to attend your workshop.

These funds can be used in multiple ways, but the NFPA team suggests that these funds be used toward digital media outreach, including paid social media outreach efforts.

Review the document below to learn more about the outreach funds as well as how to utilize them.

Paid Media Outreach Details: NFPA Paid Social Media Outreach Plan

Please contact Ainsley Kelso,, to further discuss your Coalition’s funding or with questions.

Workshop Contact List Template2022-05-05T14:47:59-04:00

We have created a simple Contact List template that all Coalitions are welcome to download and use to keep up with who they plan to contact to attend their workshop. This template is an Excel file format.

Download template: NFPA Workshop Contacts_Template

Ready for EVs Workshop Slideshow2022-11-15T13:51:08-05:00

Download the slideshow: NFPA-EV_WorkshopSlides_UPDATED

What are the Pre-Workshop Learning videos?2022-05-05T14:16:31-04:00

The Pre-Workshop Learning video courses are an important aspect of the overall U.S. Department of Energy grant project that NFPA was awarded. Along with developing the workshop materials, NFPA was tasked with creating video courses about preparing communities for electric vehicles geared toward various industry professionals. These videos will serve as a part of this project, but they will be available in the future via NFPA for people to watch and learn about community electrification from the perspective of their industry.

These industries include first-responders, insurance adjusters, automotive dealerships, local government officials, and more. The video courses will give a brief overview of the basics of electric vehicles and EV charging along with information about how a specific industry can prepare for and contribute to current and future electrification projects.

How will these courses be used for the NFPA Ready for EVs workshop series?

Coalitions will be asked to encourage all workshop attendees to complete the Pre-Workshop Learning course of their choice before the start of their local workshop. Ideally, attendees should view the course either directed at their industry or the course that is the closest match.

Attendees and Coalition representatives can view the Pre-Workshop Learning courses at

Who is my Lead Coalition?2022-08-03T08:17:51-04:00

Every Clean Cities Coalition participating in the NFPA Ready for EVs workshop series will be assigned to one of the three Lead Coalitions. These Lead Coalitions will be the first place you go with questions about the project or when you are in need of assistance related to your workshop setup, promotion, and execution. See the list below to determine which Coalition is your lead.

Coalition Name:Lead Coalition:
East TN Clean FuelsEast TN Clean Fuels
Granite State Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
Northern Colorado Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
Land of Sky Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
Tulsa Area Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
St. Louis Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
Middle-West Tennessee Clean FuelsEast TN Clean Fuels
Yellowstone-Teton Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
Clean Communities of Central New YorkEast TN Clean Fuels
East Bay Clean CitiesEast TN Clean Fuels
Central Florida Clean CitiesCentral Florida Clean Cities
Alabama Clean Fuels CoalitionCentral Florida Clean Cities
Central Kansas Clean CitiesCentral Florida Clean Cities
Clean Fuels OhioCentral Florida Clean Cities
Delaware Clean CitiesCentral Florida Clean Cities
Wisconsin Clean CitiesCentral Florida Clean Cities
Drive Clean IndianaCentral Florida Clean Cities
EPACTCentral Florida Clean Cities
Clean Cities GeorgiaCentral Florida Clean Cities
Kansas City Regional Clean CitiesCentral Florida Clean Cities
Virginia Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Central Oklahoma Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Louisiana Clean FuelsVirginia Clean Cities
North Dakota Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Pittsburgh Region Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Empire Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Utah Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Kentucky Clean FuelsVirginia Clean Cities
Chicago Area Clean CitiesVirginia Clean Cities
Drive Clean ColoradoVirginia Clean Cities

Contact Info:

  • East TN Clean Fuels – Ainsley Kelso,
  • Central Florida Clean Cities – Elizabeth Myron,
  • Virginia Clean Cities – Liam Sullivan,

Coalitions are welcome to also continue communication with the members of East TN Clean Fuels that have previously contacted you about the project, Ainsley Kelso ( and Danniel Siksay (

How will I receive the stipend for participation?2022-06-28T09:31:29-04:00

Each Coalition will need to invoice East Tennessee Clean Fuels for their stipend for this project. You will need to send the invoice to either Ainsley Kelso,, or Danniel Siksay,, from East TN Clean Fuels (ETCF).

After you have hosted your workshop and provided the required feedback, you will receive the $1,000 project participation stipend from ETCF.

Please contact the ETCF team with any questions regarding the contract for payment.

Train the Facilitator Session Sign-Up2022-05-05T14:41:57-04:00

Coalitions will have the opportunity to attend a small-group, “Train the Facilitator” session before their workshop date. These training sessions will be an opportunity to review workshop materials, such as the Facilitator Guide, in detail as well as ask any questions you may have about your workshop.

The training sessions will be an hour-long Zoom call, and you will need to sign-up for a session in advance to attend. Please also review the Workshop Materials before the session and come with any questions you might have.

Sign-Up for a Session: HERE

All sessions are held from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. We will be using Zoom for the meetings. The Zoom Room is:

If you cannot make it to any of the “Train the Facilitator” sessions, please reach out to Ainsley Kelso,, to set up a separate time to meet.

Please check back frequently as the sign-up form will be adjusted throughout the course of this project (2022-2023).

Recordings from previous Train the Facilitator sessions2022-05-03T20:20:19-04:00

Recordings are coming soon.

Ready for EVs Participant Guide2022-11-15T13:33:32-05:00

Download the Participant Guide: NFPA_EV_ParticipantJournal_Updated

Ready for EVs Facilitator Guide2022-11-15T13:34:39-05:00

Download the Facilitator’s Guide: NFPA_EV_FacilitatorGuide_UPDATED

Sample Copy for Workshop Promotion2022-05-05T15:04:40-04:00

We created this sample copy that all Coalitions are welcome to use and add to as you begin reaching out to potential workshop attendees and promoting your event. We recommend altering the copy to fit your needs and feel free to use pieces of the copy as desired.

Sample Copy: Sample Copy for Coalitions NFPA Ready for EVs

Sample Email for Workshop Promotion2022-05-05T14:52:57-04:00

We created this sample email that all Coalitions are welcome to use and add to as they begin reaching out to potential workshop attendees. We recommend altering the email to fit your needs and feel free to use pieces of the email as desired.

Sample Email: Sample Email for Coalitions NFPA Ready for EVs

Outreach & Dissemination Plan2022-05-05T15:10:18-04:00

We created this Outreach & Dissemination Plan for all participating Coalitions to utilize as a resource for marketing, promotion, and other media-related matters. Please review this document as you prepare to conduct outreach for your workshop as well as to learn more about the setup of the NFPA ‘Ready for EVs’ project.

The below document also includes Media Kit information such as color scheme, font choice, logos, and more for the project. We will include downloads to some of these media materials in other tabs.

Outreach & Dissemination Plan: NFPA EV Community Preparedness, Outreach & Dissemination Plan

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with our team.

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